I remember ten years ago on May 22d. I was full of energy and woke up early that morning on my sailboat in Svanemøllen Copenhagen harbour. This morning I was passing by the… Continue reading


Wanted to do something different on photography, and started merging pictures together. I think the idea is interesting enough and for a while I have studied some of the techniques that he is… Continue reading



Today it’s the Norwegian constitution-day. They call it Norway’s Birthday but with the shitty weather today, them Norwegians cannot have been nice this year. Well I was about to tell a story so… Continue reading


Well almost, a bit cold but we are used to that in this northern part of Europe. I have been thinking about doing some street-photography now that it’s getting warmer and the long… Continue reading

Liberation Day.

On the evening of 4th of May the Danes have a tradition of lighting candles in their windows. After more than five years of war from 1940 to 1945 all windows was blended… Continue reading

Copenhagen Last Night.

Nyhavn in Copenhagen is a nice spot at this time of the year. Have a nice day.


In the heart of the city centre of Thessaloniki has a spectacular façade and I hope to stay here on my next visit to Thessaloniki. The 5-star Electra Palace Hotel Thessaloniki features a… Continue reading


I had a pit stop last night at Islands Brygge in Copenhagen. I had my tripod in the trunk of my car and really had to try to get this image. It was… Continue reading

The Bible.

A few nights ago I was out walking. Leaning up against the wall there were placed a bible. The address it was placed on have some history so I guess I have to… Continue reading


THRONED in splendor, immortal Aphrodite! Child of Zeus, Enchantress, I implore thee Slay me not in this distress and anguish, Lady of beauty. Hither come as once before thou camest, When from afar… Continue reading

Petroleum Lamps.

Ever since I was a child I have ben fascinated by petroleum lamps. My Grandmother had some of those. Empire-stylish lamps that could fill a table or the most of it. They were… Continue reading

A Proudly Pressentation.

In 2011 I gave a picture to one of my favourite Ouzo-brands a picture of their product. A small file 640 KB. and they are still using it. Which makes me a bit… Continue reading


To night I had my toy-camera with me. I call it the toy-camera because I know how it pisses off a dear friend of mine. He has the same camera. The Canon PowerShot… Continue reading

Slow Down.

Often when I travel I need to come to a spot at the right time. If I have to capture a sunset, I need to be there before the sun goes down to… Continue reading

Sundays Long Exposure.

I was out last Sunday to try out some long exposures in the beautiful weather. The recipe is simple. ND-Filter with 10 f/stop. Tripod, and a remoter for your shutter. Set up the… Continue reading

Two Men In a Bar.

Two men having a conversation in a bar in Thessaloniki. Outside the rain was poring down.


Night view from The hotel. Hotel Rotonda is placed in the wrong area but I love it.

A Cold Gray Morning.

On a cold gray morning like this, its good to know that you are on your way to a warmer place. It’s time to travel, and tomorrow I will be in Thessaloniki. In… Continue reading

Nighttime in the Summertime.

I really miss the summer now. Even now when the weather is already getting better and warmer outside, and the sun is up an hour longer than in the end of January. I… Continue reading

I am Spring.

Spring Is The Natures way to say; Let’s Make Love. So why have the world became so Harsh and Hateful. Filled up with angry people. Make Love Not War. The picture was taken… Continue reading


Just down the road from the villa, there is a barking dog. She barks for a reason, she needs contact. Well, if she likes you that is. If not, you can pass by… Continue reading

When Using Your Wife’s Computer…

Remember to thank her for the usage. Make sure to help her set it up, just the way you want it to be. And don’t forget to tell her you love her. The… Continue reading

After a Long Cold Night.

It’s time to dream about the summer.

Copenhagen Harbour.

Long Exposure.

Copenhagen Northwest, this morning.

This morning, a large area at the Northwestern part of Copenhagen was blocked by the police after they had gunned down the terrorist from yesterdays attack.

Sometimes I get so pissed off.

  I just read an article on traveling at Athens Voice with the headline: The Telegraph selects the ideal destinations in the country Lesvos is ranked as 16th best out of 19. That’s… Continue reading

Just a mobile upload.

The sun goes down in Copenhagen.