Just down the road from the villa, there is a barking dog. She barks for a reason, she needs contact. Well, if she likes you that is. If not, you can pass by as nothing ever happened.


Does your wife barks at you??

When Using Your Wife’s Computer…

Remember to thank her for the usage. Make sure to help her set it up, just the way you want it to be. And don’t forget to tell her you love her.

The image below is from Turkey. I found out that they also have secrets there too.


“Victoria’s Big Secret”.

Well, this was just a test blog to see if it worked.  See you out there. #capturethemoment #copenhagentaxi

After a Long Cold Night.

It’s time to dream about the summer.


Copenhagen Northwest, this morning.

This morning, a large area at the Northwestern part of Copenhagen was blocked by the police after they had gunned down the terrorist from yesterdays attack.



Sometimes I get so pissed off.


I just read an article on traveling at Athens Voice with the headline: The Telegraph selects the ideal destinations in the country Lesvos is ranked as 16th best out of 19. That’s good news I was thinking to myself but as I, scrolled down the page and got to no: 16 I was disappointed. Reading the next sentence: “The birthplace of the poet Sappho is particularly attractive destination for gay travellers.” Give Me A Brake. Milk

Okay, I admit that is true, that a small spot on the Island at Skala Erosos is a popular destination for some of them. But selling tourism to the rest of the island on behalf of that? It gives me the creep to read articles like this, and I’m sure it could have been written so much better or differently.

Lesvos is the third biggest Island in Greece. As its borders are so close to Turkey, what we used to call “Minor Asia” makes it so full of culture and history.

According to the myths, the island was first populated by the descendants of Makareos, the son of Helios (the sun). This mythical king had five daughters: Mytilene, Methymna, Issa, Antissa and Arisve. He also had four sons: Erossos, Kydrolaos, Neandros and Leukippos. It is from these children of Makareos that the principal towns of Lesvos later took their names. One of the sons-in-law of the king was Lesvos, son of the Thessalian hero Lapithos and it was from him the island took its name.


Well, another boring story explains that: Lesvos means an island with lush vegetation and captivating, attractive natural beauty. That to gives some kind of sense.

I could have written pages upon pages about this Island, but I will not; I’m a photographer I just capture the moments. And the more beautiful they are, the less you would care about is what I write. However I’m building some pages about Lesvos and on the top right at my side you can click and search. Just give me some time to finish it first.

Thanks for flying with me


The Man in the Window.

This will be the last one for a while on the theeme Under the Surface. Theese pictures I have found in the archives and I need to do this from scratch just to find a workflow.

manwindow copy

Have a nice Thursday and take care out there.

Under The Surface.

Lately I have been working on layers. To create something different from a typical photo.


Blending, or merging different pictures in to one image has never been my style but I had to try it out. So for the last few days I have done some trying, failing and then trying again. The railway station is captured with a Canon Powershot G16, and the portrait of the man was with a Nikon D2x and an 85 mm f/2,8 Both images was captured without flashes or Speedlight’s.

You can see more of my work at:


For the last week I have had my Nikkor 35 f/1,8 attached to my camera to do landscapes and street-photography. Some photographers will say this lens is not suitable for landscapes because the angle is not wide enough, and for street it’s to wide. I disagree on this.The 35 mm lens is considered the very beginning of wide angle lenses. It is the most subtle wide angle on the market and that is why it consistently delivers great shots. It is certainly not fish eye, certainly not super wide angle, but it is wide enough to capture a subject interacting with their environment.


Copenhagen Opera house captured with a 35 mm Nikkor.

In The Kitchen.

I have been working on a Kitchen-Project, on making food and other things.  I read an article about Asger Carlsen and was inspired by his work.

Arms copy

Ended up on this partly morbid picture, and I hope you like it.

When winter comes.

As every year here in Copenhagen. Winter comes as a surprise and nobody seems to be prepared. The winter for me means a lot of planning, Marathon-editing pictures, and this year I hardly have had time to do any blogging. Busy editing my homepage witch of-course you must visit. Well, it’s Sunday and time to go back to the kitchen for som iPad blogging. I just love to sit here and drink coffee or sipping to a glass of wine. It’s winter outside and I can’t wait much longer.
I need some sunlight…


Now I will have a glass of wine before I go to bed. Have a nice Sunday out there.

Merry Christmas.

From a Christmas night in Salløv, Denmark I wish you all a peaceful night.


Cold December Morning.

Nørrebro Train station in Copenhagen. Early December morning.


Friday Morning.

Just after the sun decided not to show off. I grabbed my Canon G16.

December Morning

Long exposure, Point and shoot. I just love this camera. Fits my pocket, and reacts at a split of a second when I touch the shutter.


I was in the shower this morning, nothing unique about that but I was there. Looking in the mirror as I was shaving. And I was thinking: Many of those people I have been photographing talks about their skin, and and how their faces looks older. Some even refuses to be taken pictures off because in their opinion they look to old.

I am turning 50 next year, and yes; my skin is not the same as when I was 20.


Tonight I sat down at the dining-table, and across me sat Børge. He’s 89. I just asked him to smile. When I turn 89, (well if I do), I want to be just like him. I don’t make people beautiful I capture them. Hopefully in a right moment. I do not Photoshop my pictures more than necessary I work with, or against the light.


I hardly ever watermark my pictures. First of all because text on the picture draws attention away from the image. Secondly because most people will not steal your work. But some people will do anything to get things for free. And yesterday I found out that a hotel had used one of my images to send their guests and friends October Greetings. Here’s the image I fond on Facebook. The funny thing is that they have watermarked the picture.


Theft on internet is not something new. It has always been there, and it probably always will. But there are something called Copyright. And that is one good thing for all photographers posting their work on the web. I did send them an PM-post via Facebook to have them remove the picture and I know they red it. But they seem to ignore. I also sent them an email explaining the laws about copyrights, and if you have interest you can find something here :

Here is my Photo, and I’m now taking action on this matter.


The question is: Does companies like this only steel pictures ´for use on Facebook or do they use materials on other medias such as their website, brochures, posters… ETC. 

Comments are welcome and if you have experienced the same please PM me. Let suckers like these know that we don’t work for free. Have a Great Weekend.


Last weeks wedding.

Last week I did a wedding-shoot in Copenhagen. Hard work, but so much fun and yesterday I gave them the pictures.





More pictures at

King Of The Road.

I Captured this fellow on my way home from work. This is the coolest dog I have ever seen.


As I sit here.

Thinking that this is a small world. And I could travel the distance from Copenhagen to Lesvos in 3 hours. We share the same moon but at this time of the year it is hidden behind the mountains. I had to do an experiment on long exposure, and how to capture the stars.

So on a single exposure I got this.


Good Night my friends.

Mouria Restaurant Tavern.

Try out something new with the locals is not always successful. But dine here is worth every euro. Previous owners of this place have served me not so good meals, but I always give new people a chance. And this was a Yummy place to be at this time.


When asking for Retsina, they had not other than bottles but you can have a nice bottle of Kourtaki, and Kourtaki is okay by me. Tomato salad was as expected, and the Tsatsiki had no lack of garlic. Burokakia was indescribably good and their saganaki was good as well.


A selfie with the locals??!!

Yes I enjoy this Island of Lesvos.

Back Home.

Wow. I made the trip without problems all the way to Athens.And then I was asking myself do I dare… Yes I did..


This propeller aircraft made me save priors, and the fact that the Cabin crew, and the captain did not speak English too good was a disappointment. Well I climbed aboard at this Aircraft vessel. Hoping to reach Mytilini.


And I made it.

Now I’m home.

Capture The Moment.

There are moments in your life when you meet happy people. I try to capture these moments.


Copenhagen Harbour.

I have been working on this image for some time to get the balance of the light right.